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Beware of low quality business cards and How to Spot them?

Your card is usually the first impression you & your business can make to a potential customer. The card style and message can ultimately confirm whether they should throw your card in the trash or keep it for future contact.

High quality Business cards reflect who the person is. It provides customers a concept of what your business is capable of doing, and the quality of service your business intends to give the potential customer.

Dpi Experts business cards 2-sided


Size: will your card adapt to the standard size of 3.5″ by 2″? Something larger won’t fit in wallets or most card holders.

Paper Quality:  Lots of online companies offer deals on business cards but what are you really getting?  Online companies usually offer low or poor quality stock such as 110lb or 12pt thickness, as their standard and charge for upgrades.  Do you want your customer to see your “cheap quality card” & think you provide a “cheap service or product”?   Customers will associate your card with your service so don’t settle for low quality business cards or cookie cutter designs.

Color: colorful cards are attention grabbers. Make sure to have a balance, you don’t want to overdo it either, it can be distracting.  Select colors that go with your logo, features of your company or personality.

Message Design: Your card should clearly tell existing or potential customers what services and products you provide.

Image Match: Your card style should match your business image.

Font Size: Is your card filled with too much information?  Is the font size on your card so small that you have to squint to check it? This will surely lead your card for the trash. If you’ve got plenty to mention, add it to the rear of the card.  Or have you ever heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words”? The right picture can say a lot to your customer.

What should a high quality business card contain?

Contact Information: Your purchasers or potential customers should have several means to contact you. Your card should include:  phone, fax, email, and web site. Lack of contact info puts your card in the trash.

Ensure you invest highest quality business card you are able to afford. The card is your introduction to a consumer, and possible business revenue.  Put your best foot forward, it will be cash well spent. I know it is cliché to say, but you only have one chance for a first impression.

A high quality business card has the potential to generate leads. Since most businesses regard social media as the simplest way to inform their story and have interaction with customers, it is a good idea to spotlight your Face book page, YouTube channel or Gmail account on your card.

A card is a bridge between your on-line and in-person presence. Think about adding a QR code that digitally relays contact data or directs individuals to an internet page.

Here’s what my high quality business card looks like (front and back):

dpi Experts BCs (Ray Escobar)

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